Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune

Upright: Good luck, karma, life cycles, destiny, a turning point

Reversed: Bad luck, negative external forces, out of control

The Wheel of Fortune is highly symbolic. The logos in the four corners are Windows, Tor, Linux and Apple and represent four different modes of being online.  Windows symbolizes conformity and safety, Apple simplicity and calm, Linux technicalities and functionality and Tor symbolizes adventures and darkness.  And all are within the dancer’s sight and power.  The clouds stabilize these modes even though the are often in flux.

The Wheel is made from the Google Chrome logo and represents the lifecycle of being online and offline.  In the centre are four symbols – a laptop, a network, a analogue clock and an iPhone – the building blocks of life.  The four clover leaves on the left side of the Wheel comes from 4chan’s homepage and is therefore a sign of potential evil.  The Wikipedia emblem on the right side of the Wheel is a symbol of intelligence and wisdom.  The Facebook logo on top of the Wheel represents life’s riddles.  The blue background represents wisdom.

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