Upright: Endings, beginnings, change, transformation, transition

Reversed: Resistance to change, unable to move on

The Death card shows the Pirate Bay logo riding on a Trojan horse, holding a black and white flag.  The Pirate Bay logo is a cassette and cross-bones and is indicative of the death of paid for content and promising of unlimited pirating.  ‘Death’ is surrounded by ‘armour’ – the logos of online security software indicating that online sharing is invincible and unconquerable – there will always be hackers ahead of the established systems.  Indeed, no digital content has yet triumphed over death.  The horse that Death rides represents a computer virus – the ultimate reset. All things will be reborn fresh, new and pure.  Notice even the bitcoin paying homage to death.  All sectors of the internet are represented here.  The crown on the floor is the same crown as in the Tower card, with the dot com bubble stock price graph.

The banner that Death carries has a black background, indicating an absence of light. The white Apple logo, on the other hand, indicates beauty, purification and immortality. In the background of the card, there is a rising sun, as symbolised by the Norton anti-virus logo representing immortality. The sun appears to ‘die’ each night but is reborn fresh and new every morning. The two servers are guarding the gateway to the sun, symbolising the amount of knowledge needed to gain immortality. The background is a neutral grey, again showing Death’s impartiality.

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